Monday, July 18, 2016

¿Sabes qué me saca de mis casillas? pt.4

¡¿Otra vez?! ¡Qué va! ¿Venga machote, no tienes nada más  que hacer excepto quejarte de nuevo? La verdad es que sí, pero esto es mucho más divertido. ¡Vamos ya!

La palabra "ensalada" en España es sinónimo de "lechuga" porque cada vez que voy a un restaurante, los bocatas y las hamburguesas vienen con "ensalada", que al final es lechuga, y si tienes suerte, tomate y cebolla. Además si pido una ensalada, lo que viene es lechuga iceberg y un crouton. ¡No es una ensalada! Para de decir "ensalada" cuando quieres decir "lechuga con muy muy poco de algo extra". 

Esta es una ensalada. 4 tipos de lechuga, pepino, tomate, aguacate, nueces, pasas, salmón, atún, aceite de oliva y vinagre
Esta es una ensalada. 4 tipos de lechuga, pepino, tomate, aguacate, nueces, pasas, salmón, atún, aceite de oliva y vinagre

¿Problemas de comprensión o mal servicio al cliente? Un día cuando estaba en un peaje, puse 6€ en la máquina aunque sólo costaba 5,90€. La máquina no me devolvió el cambio y dijo que he debido 10 céntimos más. Toqué el botón y un hombre me habló y dije que pague más del peaje pero la maquina estaba diciéndome que me faltaban 10 céntimos. Me dijo que el peaje costaba 5,90€. Intenté explicar que puse mas de 5,90€ pero siguió diciendo que costaba 5,90€. Al final, pague el extra y me fui, pero estaba enfadado porque no sabía si este hombre notó mi acento y no quería ayudarme, o si yo estaba explicándome mal y por eso no me entendió. Pensaba que estaba explicando perfectamente, pero porque no soy nativo, es posible que me equivocara... o ese hombre era un hijo de fruta.

La palabra "imposible" es usada mucho demasiado aquí en España. Se parece a la palabra "can't" en inglés, que enfada multitudes de gente en los EEUU. La palabra "imposible" significa que no hay ninguna manera posible de alcanzar algo. La gente aquí la usa como decir "no quiero" y/o "no es una prioridad para mi". ¿Por qué no dices la verdad? No quieres, y ya. Es así de sencillo. Es posible, sólo que no es suficientemente importante para que le dediques tiempo.

¿Que piensas tú? ¿Tengo razón o estoy quejándome por nada? ¿Qué te saca de tus casillas? Lee parte 1 , parte 2 y parte 3 de esta serie. 

Monday, July 4, 2016

24 Amazing Places This American Has Visited in Navarra

So, what's in Navarra? I've been here for a year and half, traveling, discovering, eating, and aprovechando (taking advantage of) my time here. There is so much to be discovered within the small northern province of Spain. Here is a glimpse of some of the places that I have been to in Navarra. If you are from Navarra, have you been to all of these places? Join me on my adventures in and around Spain VEN con TMax.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

14 Things This American Notices Between Spain and Belgium

After a year and a half of living in Spain, and almost five years living in Belgium, I’m going to compare the two countries, based on my experiences in them. Obviously, everyone is going to have different opinions, and feel free to post in the comments, but this is my blog, so you get to experience these two countries through my eyes now (and you will like it because I have good vision. I got Lasik a few years ago. Best decision ever). I will do my best to avoid a Pamplona versus Brussels article, and keep it more general, however, the majority of my experiences have come from these two cities.

Friday, June 17, 2016

This American's Travel Checklist

I think it is hilarious when I see people traveling with rolling suitcases and two handbags, plus a backpack, and they are only going on a week-long trip. I understand, they are afraid they might need something, so they pack everything. I prefer to pack light and hope I don't need anything else. I didn't have a lot of money to invest in a professional backpacker's backpack, so I simply used my backpack from when I was in college. I did recently upgrade to a bigger backpack, one) because my old one was ripping along the zipper, and two) so I can carry more souvenirs back from my trips.

So, because you all didn't ask for it, I'm going to give it to you: how this American packs for his travels. (I know, different title than above, so you get two titles!) 

1. One good backpack is enough.

Monday, June 13, 2016

19 Still Even Yet More Fun Things This American Has Learned About The Spanish Language

If you haven't read part 1part 2part 3, or part 4, you don't have to start with them for this to make sense, but they will be fun to read later. Let's jump straight in!

1. The Navarran accent - any word in the past tense ends with the sufix -ado, which is pronounced ah-doh but in Navarra, they simply say ow. For example, gustado means "liked" and should be pronounced goo-stah-doh but in Navarra is pronounced goost-ow. Not confusing at all!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Guest Blog: Neal Taylor - Skiing in Spain and Dancing with the Stars (Baqueira)

Skiing in Spain - the journey to Baqueira/Beret 

We picked up Aussie Pete from the bus station and threw his snowboarding gear into the back of the van.

As soon as the van door slammed shut, the banter began. For four hours the banter didn’t stop as the three of us were swapping stories, jeering and joking as we edged closer to the mountains.

The wives, girlfriends and children remained in the safety of Pamplona (i.e. out of earshot) whilst we headed closer towards Baqueira/Beret - a ski resort noted for her excellent snow, elaborate trails and substantial infrastructure. Baqueira was also known as being the preferred choice for celebrities, nobility and the upper echelons of society.

The banter van contained none of those finer gentry and the obscenities emanating from the van could only be matched by the miasmic smell of our room the following morning.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

This American's Basketball Career in Europe

So, I've lived in Germany, Belgium, Spain, and have visited many of the countries in Europe. But how did I come to live in Europe? Basketball. 

For those too lazy or uninterested to read the entire post, here is an infographic that sums it all up: